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The Science Innovation Union is a translation-in-science communication and training platform, bridging the gap between academia, industry and government to build a new generation of bio-entrepreneurs.

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Who we are

The Science Innovation Union is a graduate and post-graduate led not-for-profit organisation with a primary focus in translational science, and assisting in bridging the gap between academia and industry. Our translational science scaffold is supported by four arms: Events & Networking, Consulting, Education, and Editorials; an all-inclusive set of training and educational activities engaging scientists and expanding the mind-set to the interface of business, science and entrepreneurship. In combination, these serve to inspire and support translation in science to industry and introduce a new trend to counter the classic academic culture.

The Four Arms


SIU Consulting provides access to a variety of workshops and tool-kits tailored to a scientific community. Together with our partners we discuss and interactively provide solutions in healthcare and life sciences.


SIU organises high-quality professional events, providing holistic views from the top speakers within academia, industries and government. Networking is always an integral feature.

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SIU uses its biotech-orientated focus to provide one of a kind education programmes for future and current bio-entrepreneurs, teaching them the key skills they need to succeed.


SIU Editorial delivers easily accessible, quality information and updates on the latest technology, developments and events in the biotechnology business world.

Are you a student, a post-docs, a budding entrepreneur, an innovative academic, an industrial professional or policy maker?

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