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1] What is SIU360?
SIU360 is a life science and biotechnology focused entrepreneurship programme of eight seminars delivered by industry leaders and aimed at academics at any stage of their career. Each seminar will introduce a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurship necessary for creating and managing a successful company. Speakers will use their personal experience to elaborate on the challenges particular to the industries they work in while exemplifying the impact and promise that their field represents.

2] Why should I attend?
Lack of knowledge about a sector and about general entrepreneurial skills is one of the key stumbling blocks for any new business venture. Without a core understanding of how individual aspects of a company work it can be difficult to progress even beyond producing a solid business plan. By attending SIU360 you will be given the ability to approach and recognise business objectives with a competitive advantage that will drastically improve the probability of your success.

3] How much does all this cost?
The SIU360 Programme is absolutely free of charge. We do not believe personal finances should be a barrier to entrepreneurial success.

4] I don't have an idea for a company. Is this programme still suitable for me?
Yes, while it is a fantastic opportunity to build around already established ideas, SIU360 will provide you knowledge and a skill set that is widely applicable for any later venture, whether you are progressing through industry or beginning your own company.

5] When and where will the sessions be held?
Four sessions will be taking place before Christmas and four afterwards, the list of dates can be found on our SIU360 front page. Each takes place in the evening from 19:00 onwards at the Said Business School in Oxford.