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Oxford Session 2: Company structure, what is your role?

  • Saïd Business School, University of Oxford Park End Street Oxford, England, OX1 United Kingdom (map)

The Science Innovation Union is offering a groundbreaking bio-entrepreneurship course aimed directly at the UK’s top scientists and budding entrepreneurs. The programme consists of a series of four exciting sessions lead by high profile leading academics and industry experts. Head to our website to sign up now!

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Session 2: Company sturcture, what is your role?
For many researchers, starting a company can be an exciting and immersive experience, however it is also one with heavy time and resource demands. As the majority of translational academic scientists will already have full time positions (either as staff of students), how can one run a company and maintain the high standard of work and dedication expected of their permanent position? Start-ups must be very dynamic and adaptable enterprises, and consequently the role of the founding scientist clearly changes dramatically over the time course of a company. Here we will look at the structure of a start-up and how this structure changes over time through the course of developing a start up from the early stages of just an idea, to an organisation gathering investment with a dedicated managerial team all the way to a profit making private or public company.

Speakers: Professor Jonathan Seville, Adrian Griffiths and Kevin Marks

Professor Seville is the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey. He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from the university of Cambridge and the University of Surrey and is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Professor Seville has an impressive record in the application of his science in the manufacturing of products in numerous industries, working with an extensive list of some of the largest companies in science, including Astra Zeneca, BP, Siemens and Unilever to name just a few. He also co-founded the successful spin-out company Recycling Technologies, of which he now sits on the advisory panel.

Adrian Griffiths is the current managing director of Recycling Technologies Ltd, and has extensive commercial and technical experience in many manufacturing sectors. Adrian holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Imperial college London.

Kevin Marks is the Chief Operating Officer of Warwick Ventures, Warwick universities commercialisation technology transfer office. Kevin hold a Bachelor degree in Engineering Science and an MBA from Warwick University, as well as an MPhil in electrical engineering from the University of Birmingham.