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Neurodegenrative Disorders, Therapeutics and Society


Dementia is associated with a variety of symptoms and severely impacts the quality of life for afflicted individuals, their families and wider society. It has been recently reported that 1 in 3 people born within the UK will be afflicted with dementia [1] and the WHO is very concerned about its global implications [2].

Alzheimer’s disease and other related disorders contribute to the onset of dementia. The race to develop new and effective therapeutics is ongoing, but there have been exciting breakthroughs with drugs targeting beta-amyloid plaques and tau-protein accumulations [3,4].

It should be interesting to explore the societal impact of dementia and advances in therapeutics from the perspective of policy-makers and experts in the field.


What is the most important research being carried out within academia and industry?

What are the policies of the NHS with regards to managing dementia in the UK?

On a more human level, individuals would be interested in finding out more about the latest strategies and therapeutics to manage and combat dementia.