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Science Innovation Union

Spreading innovation, connecting ideas and impacting solutions 


The Science Innovation Union is a translation-in-science communication and training platform, bridging the gap between academia, industry and government to build a new generation of bio-entrepreneurs.

SIU organises high-quality professional events, providing holistic views from the top speakers within academia, industries and government. Networking is always an integral feature.

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Coming soon 2017

The Science Innovation Union is offering a groundbreaking bio-entrepreneurship course aimed directly at the UK’s top scientists and budding entrepreneurs.

Each seminar will introduce and develop core skills necessary to succeed in the business world and over time will augment the scientific skills of attendees with entrepreneurial flair and acumen.

The course is free to all those interested so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The SIU 360 Programme will be a high impact series of evening seminars given by world renowned industry and academic leaders.

Katowice 2017


Tuesday 21 March

How Startups Can Revolutionise 

Diagnoses and Treatments

Tuesday 16 May

The Revolution of Surgery and The Rise of Technology

Thursday 12 October

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Friday 17 November

The Future Careers of Medical Students and Resident Physicians

Thursday 30 November

The Brain in a Nutshell


Katowice Team



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