SIU is building brand-new SIU divisions in Oxofrd, London and Cambridge.
SIU is a not-for-profit organization that inspires young scientists to boosting entrepreneurship in the life sciences by bridging the gaps between industry, academia and government.


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You do not need to be an expert in management, or have prior business experience to suit your role perfectly. Training and support is provided, but personality-match and dedication are required from the very beginning. Positions within SIU are highly responsible roles, and are invaluable opportunities for personal and professional development. Working with SIU requires ambition, teamwork and leadership.

In SIU you will connect to the scientific and wider world. You will:

  • Demonstrate and develop your leadership abilities
  • Gain deeper perspectives, insights and understanding of the underlying mechanics and interplays of industry, government, academia, policy and public engagement
  • Boost your profile - boost your career

You do not need experience, or existing business skills - just a passion for science/business and a desire to excel. What you ultimately get out of SIU depends on what you pour in!

The roles require 10-15 hours per week, flexible and depending on seniority, and a 12-month commitment (subject to extension upon review).

Finally, at SIU, we have a lot to celebrate and what better way to finish off those perfect days than with a classy dinner and a cocktail, or few!