Here at Science Innovation Union ( (SIU) we're committed to inspire entrepreneurship among young scientists from any background, and to provide a globally interconnected networking, communications and training platform for academia, industry, society and government to bridge the knowledge-translation gap in science. This is supported by our four operational arms: Events & Networking, Communications, Education, and Editorials. In combination, these aim to engage people from across a variety of different disciplines, industries and across both the private and public sector in life sciences to spark a conversation at the "pre-venture" stage.
We don't expect you to have any previous experience to suit a particular role perfectly. In fact, we promise a high learning curve in leadership and event management. Skills required for a specific position can be taught, but personality match and commitment are required from the very beginning.

The SIU is led by a combination of post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and young professionals; from across UK, Europe, US and beyond.
The SIU is expanding as
never-before, and has major plans for 2017-2018. In parallel to our primary Central Team and well established divisions in UK, Germany and Poland, we are introducing new projects and establishing new local Divisions across Europe. Make the most out of your time in academia and volunteer in building a global non-profit brand!


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