Regional Positions Available in Oxford, London and Cambridge


REG Codes: SUOX, SULON, SUCAM,  (eg. [SUCAM2])




WE ARE RECRUITING (PHD-, MD-, MBA) STUDENTS AND POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHERS for our new divisions in Oxford, London and Cambridge


Please apply by 15 October, 2016!


Editorial Writer [SUOX2-Oxford, SUCAM2-Cambridge, SULON2- London]


The Editorial team’s publications became very popular over the last year. The Editorial Associate will curate and edit articles from Divisional Editorial sources. The Associate will be an excellent science communicator, identify key subjects for interview and hot/up-and-coming topics for media coverage, keep consistent communication and organisation with the team members. The Editorial Associate role is a unique opportunity to simultaneously demonstrate and develop writing and organisational skills.


(Positions are available for Oxford, Cambridge, and London)


Marketing and Communications Lead [SUCAM4-Cambridge, SULON4- London]

The Marketing and Communications Lead will be responsible to supervise workflow of advertising, marketing, public relations by collaborating interdepartmental communications and managing external communications. The post holder will be responsible for the development of marketing goals and promotional activities, and directing the creation of internal communications press releases, newsletters as well as social media.

(Positions are available for Cambridge and London)


Education Lead [SUCAM3-Cambridge]

Our Education programmes, such as OB360 program, have been very successful the past year.  The Education Lead will develop a comprehensive syllabus to deliver invaluable courses of educational lectures, seminars and workshops to aspiring bio-entrepreneurs. The Education Lead will develop a keen awareness of the science-to-business pipeline and be capable of establishing divisional education programmes. The Education Lead will track divisional budgets, monitor the progress and success of divisional programmes and strive for continual improvement of the Science Union.

(Positions are available for Cambridge)

Events Associate – [SUOX5-Oxford, SUCAM5-Cambridge, SULON5-London]

Our Events are known to be some of the best quality globally. The Events Associate will assist in building and delivering the organisation’s events. The post holder will work on a variety of projects whilst maintaining high standards and will possess excellent communication, organisational, marketing and attention to detail skills. This position is perfect for someone that enjoys to communicate with other people and trouble-shoot on the spot.

(Positions are available for Oxford, Cambridge and London)


SIU is offering an exciting opportunity for talented and passionate scientific communicators, from across all disciplines, to join the fastest growing science entrepreneurship organisations, run by outstanding graduate students from a range of areas of science and business.

As a contributing member you will use your skill and initiative to promote awareness of key developments in both academia and industry, aimed at improving the connections between the two sectors, as well as events run by SIU.
In our first year, we managed to run 19 separate stimulating events, with more than 2500 registered attendees, 16 000+ interactions and various consulting projects in. Furthermore, we attracted more than 120 full-time scientists to our training and educational program, OB360.
SIU is expanding as never before, and has major plans for 2016-2017. In parallel to our primary Central Team, we will introduce new ventures and we are forming regional Divisions in Cambridge and London. We work towards building a world-leading brand and we're inviting you to build it with us.
You do not need to be an expert, or have prior business experience to suit a particular role perfectly. Specific skills can be taught, but personality match and commitment are required from the very beginning. We believe that Commitment, Ambition and Flexibility are worth more than a certificate!