Are you ready for your next challenge?

Make the most out of your time in academia and volunteer in building a global brand! Apply till the 13th of August 2017



Why volunteer your time for a role within SIU?


  • Be part and work together with other young academics and professionals across the globe!
  • Bring your own out-of-box ideas to create a novel ways of solving translation in science problems
  • You will interact with key players in industry,
  • government and academia
  • You do not need experience, or existing skills - just a passion to work in a team, to learn and a desire to do good work
  • Involvement is a career accelerator (contacts, insight, skills, leadership, initiative & achievement)
  • The rolesare on a volunteer basis  and require high flexibility!
  • We are a highly social organisation, so a classy dinner and few drinks are always on the cards!
  • Boost your profile - boost your career


The application process for all of these positions will involve submitting a brief manifesto (following questions) including your academic background. Successful candidates will get invited for an introductory interview (online).

We'll get back to you swiftly!

We hope that you're excited and motivated by our 2017 forecast! Remember, we are in a unique situation - located in the centre of the Golden Triangle, in the heart of a biotech mega-cluster and we've caught the attention of investors, decision makers and the leaders of our Universities. Let's piece this puzzle together and see what we can create!

Good luck!

-SIU Central Team