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Why volunteer your time for a role within SIU?


  • Joining our team is the perfect way to connect to the scientific entrepreneurship and wider world 

  • You will gain deeper perspectives and understanding of the underlying mechanics and interplays of industry, government, policy, academia and public engagement

  • You do not need experience, or existing business skills - just a passion to learn and a desire to do good work

  • Involvement is a career accelerator (contacts, insight, skills, leadership, initiative & achievement) 

  • What you ultimately get out of SIU depends on what you pour in! 

  • The roles  are on a volunteer basis and require 10-15 hours per week, flexible, depending on seniority, and a 12-month commitment (subject to extension upon review)

  • We have a lot to celebrate, and what better way to finish off those perfect days than with a classy dinner and a cocktail, or few! 

  • Leadership roles within SIU are the perfect way to connect to the scientific and wider world  

  • An opportunity to demonstrate and develop your leadership abilities and business awareness

  • Experience or existing business skills are not essential - just a passion for science/entrepreneurship and a desire to excel

  • Boost your profile - boost your career



Submit your CV, alongside a brief covering paragraph explaining your suitability to, and motivation for the role (150-word limit), to Please include the regional reference code in the subject line (e.g. SUFRA - position) 

We'll get back to you swiftly!

We hope that you're excited and motivated by our 2017 forecast! Remember, we are in a unique situation - located in the centre of the Golden Triangle, in the heart of a biotech mega-cluster and we've caught the attention of investors, decision makers and the leaders of our Universities. Let's piece this puzzle together and see what we can create!

Good luck!

-SIU Central Team