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Science Innovation Union

Spreading innovation, connecting ideas and impacting solutions 


The Science Innovation Union (SIU) is a non-profit organization led by graduates, post-graduates and young professionals. Our core focus is to provide a first of its kind globally interconnected communication, networking and training platform for scientist. We want to inspire innovation and encourage the translation of science into real-world solutions. The Science Innovation Union is a translation-in-science communication and training platform, bridging the gap between academia, industry and government to build a new generation of bio-entrepreneurs.

SIU organises high-quality professional events, providing holistic views from the top speakers within academia, industries and government. Networking is always an integral feature.

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The Science Innovation Union is offering a groundbreaking bio-entrepreneurship course aimed directly at the UK’s top scientists and budding entrepreneurs.

Each seminar will introduce and develop core skills necessary to succeed in the business world and over time will augment the scientific skills of attendees with entrepreneurial flair and acumen.

The course is free to all those interested so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The SIU 360 Programme will be a high impact series of evening seminars given by world renowned industry and academic leaders.

Frankfurt 2017


Wednesday 19 April

Academia's Bittersweet Box of Chocolates: (Tr)eat with Caution!

Wednesday 10 May

‚We‘: The social identity approach to effective leadership

Wednesday 17 May

How I plan to revolutionise artificial intelligence by capitalising on decades of scientific research

Wednesday 31 May

Take the next step: How to thrive outside of academia with your scientific background

Wednesday 7 June

Brain on, dude! Working at the interface of science, communication and media

Wednesday 28 June

From Experimentation to Eco-Innovation:      How to Start a Start-Up

Monday 26 October

Self-Driving Cars: Deep Learning, Computer Vision & Sensor Fusion

Monday 20 November

The Human Side of AI: The Role of Artificial Intelligence In Society


Frankfurt Team


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