SIUConversations Oxford: Intellectual Property: Protecting Ideas and Why Your IP Strategy Matters

The first SIUConversations Oxford session on February 21st introduced the complicated world of intellectual property (IP) and featured the eminent patent attorney Philip Webber. Dr. Webber is currently a qualified chartered patent attorney, a European patent attorney, and a partner at the highly reputable international patent and trade mark attorneys, Dehns.  In this article we bring you a summary of his presentation that highlighted a number of important questions to ponder when trying to patent an invention.

Making Therapeutics Accessible in Developing Countries

According to the World Health Organization, a third of the world's population does not have access to essential medicines. Medicines are expensive, not just because they are very costly to develop but because of many additional factors. In this article we discuss the facts behind the scenes and what can be done to make therapeutics more accessible and affordable in developing countries.