SIUConference Oxford: Neurotechnology and Applied Neuroscience

As part of our SIU Conference series, the Oxford division hosted three speakers at the ‘Neurotechnology and Applied Neuroscience’ event on 23rd November 2017 at Magdalen College, a primary sponsor of SIUOxford. Our speakers were selected based on their shared experience of utilising some aspect of applied neuroscience for social and/or commercial impact.

A New Hope for Neurodegeneration

Dementia is one of the biggest issues affecting the elderly. With our life expectancy being greater than ever and its expected further increase in the near future, the different neurodegenerative diseases that are all grouped under the name 'dementia' are important focus areas of therapeutic research. Alzheimer's is the main disease that leads to dementia and in this article we look at the current therapies and the latest innovative approaches to treat it.