Brexit: The Divorce Battle over Life Sciences and Funding

On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in what could either be described as a catastrophic self-destruction or a glorious grasp at independence. Wrapped up in a state of confusion over their status in the United Kingdom are scientists from Europe and abroad. On June 8, 2017, almost one year after the referendum, SIU brought together experts in London, to talk about their concerns and current measures they are taking in academia, industry and government to make things as smooth as possible for UK science. 

"And The Winners Are..."

In this last instalment of the SIU-Naturejobs writing competition article series we bring you a short summary of the awards ceremony we held in Oxford for our writers contributing to the competition. We combined the event with a roundtable discussion Naturejobs editor and our competition collaborator Jack Leeming held with the audience. You can find the links to the winning pieces in the article.

BREXIT vs. SCIENCE Part 3: Brexit and Biotech

What awaits the biotech industry in the UK post-Brexit? Can the UK continue to thrive in biotech after the break-up from the EU is finalised? In the last instalment of our 'Brexit vs. Science' series we discuss the facts and speculations surrounding the most obvious questions on the effects of Brexit on the UK biotech industry. 

BREXIT vs. SCIENCE Part 2: Brexit and Academia

Science and academia in the UK benefit hugely from the country’s EU membership. It is therefore unsurprising that the historic Brexit vote has left a lot of academics in Britain and the rest of Europe feeling uncertain about future funding and collaborations. Despite government reassurance of no drastic changes to academia in the short term, much has happened since the vote. What do academics have to say about the latest announcements from government? How are they working with the governmental bodies to ensure that research is minimally affected?