Brain-Gut Axis: Microglia under focus

Could there be some truth in Hippocrates’ belief that all disease begins in the gut? Recent research is showing us that there is an evident link between gut microbiota and microglial cells in the central nervous system. Read on here to find out more about this association and its importance to neurological function.

How to treat neurological diseases by optogenetics

Nature Methods has previously considered it as the innovative 'method of the year'. Learn more about the relatively nascent field of optogenetics with this detailed review, which introduces the fundamentals of the technique and its promising applications in treating neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries, blindness and more. 

A New Hope for Neurodegeneration

Dementia is one of the biggest issues affecting the elderly. With our life expectancy being greater than ever and its expected further increase in the near future, the different neurodegenerative diseases that are all grouped under the name 'dementia' are important focus areas of therapeutic research. Alzheimer's is the main disease that leads to dementia and in this article we look at the current therapies and the latest innovative approaches to treat it.