The Revolution of Surgery and The Rise of Technology

Team SIU-Katowice with Piotr Bańka

Team SIU-Katowice with Piotr Bańka

Author: Simrat Gill Edited by: Burcu Anil Kirmizitas

On May 16th our SIU Katowice team welcomed Piotr Bańka and Joanna Kowalik to the second SIUConversations event there.  The event focused how the recent and fast developments in technology are shaping the future of medicine. Both our speakers are part of MEDtube, a free, innovative platform created for the exchange of knowledge between doctors by means of multimedia content. The concept was created in 2008 by the transplant surgeon Rafal Kieszek and MEDtube was made public in 2011. Its online library currently holds twenty thousand multimedia files, ranging from medical videos to images, to medical cases, visualisations and animations, as well as other professional materials, encompassing all medical specialties. The platform has 125 thousand professionals registered members throughout the world. With the rapid development of Internet technology, MEDtube eliminates the traditional communication barriers (geographic, temporal, cultural and linguistic), facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Our first speaker, Dr. Joanna Kowalik is a respected pediatric surgeon, who is also in charge of the surgery department in Medical University of Silesia. She discussed the history of surgery and how advances in technology and innovation helped steer surgery in the right direction.

Dr Joanna Kowalik during her talk

How Can MEDtube promote entrepreneurship?

Our second speaker Piotr Bańka began his lecture by describing what MEDtube stands for. Startups such as MEDtube help advance technological progress in medicine and they allow not only doctors but also students to have access to a wide variety of information that pertain to medicine. MEDtube’s motto is: “Sharing Medical Knowledge,” which Piotr stressed throughout his lecture. MEDtube allows highly skilled physicians to selflessly transfer their knowledge and techniques to their colleagues in the hope of perfecting medicine globally. It also promotes connecting people from around the world, which is essential because a key skill all entrepreneurs need to have is the ability to network.

At the end of the event Piotr and Joanna definitely had future physicians in the audience pondering the idea of utilising medical startups in their daily practice. Many other sectors are going through a transformation due to the impact of technology so we thank our speakers for bringing us up to speed with the most recent developments in medicine when it comes to technological advancements.