SIU-Naturejobs Writing Competition

SIU is pleased to announce a writing competition in collaboration with Naturejobs!

The competition is open to SIU writers, members and the scientific community. The entries will be articles written about:

- Working in a start-up after academia, risks and advantages, would YOU do it? 

- Can any area of research produce a start-up company? The way we look at the research we do. 

- Communication between academia and industry, what’s the best way to collaborate, create good research and more jobs? 

The deadline for submitting articles is February 9th, 2017. The articles will be shortlisted by our editor-in-chief and two winners will be selected by Naturejobs editor Jack Leeming. The winning writers will be awarded a free print and online subscription to Nature. The winning articles will be published on the SIU website and will also have a chance to be published on Naturejobs blog, at the editor's discretion. The awards ceremony will take place on April 3rd in Oxford where we will announce the winners and there will be a drinks/networking session accompanying.

For more details and Naturejobs blog guidelines, email: