OB is always interested in any event that brings people together to discuss new ideas and technologies in and around healthcare – there is a fantastic conference later this month (June 23-25) doing just that, but the registration deadline is this Sunday 14th – so get on it now!

More info available here:

From HeLEX, the event organisers and Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies:
“New technologies are transforming and reconfiguring the boundaries between patients, research participants and consumers, between research and clinical practice, and between public and private domains. In the area of personalised medicine, sequencing technology is opening up new questions around consent; what is a clinically significant finding; the nature of the interaction between clinicians and researchers; and how the translational patient pathway should be constructed. The second generation of web interface, underpinned by 2.0 technology, enables new kinds of interactions between people. It provides the potential to transform the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients; enable citizen science; empower citizens to have greater control over the use of their personal information; enabling them to be consumers in a world without borders. Big data technology and approaches are enabling diverse datasets to be used for healthcare purposes that challenge our ideas of privacy and require new forms of engagement and public deliberation.

In the spirit of ELSI 2.0 this conference will bring together a wide range of voices to discuss and think more deeply about the technological, legal, ethical, and social challenges raised by new technologies in healthcare. Our aim is to capture the energy and free flow of ideas that usually only occurs in the coffee breaks of most conferences, by providing a stimulating format and environment for local discussions and interactions with leading thinkers in the field. Our Activity Zone features ECOUTER – an online engagement event; ELSI 2.0 Helpdesk; Artist in Residence; Talking Wall; Selfies Competition; Haiku/Limerick competition; Walk and Talk, live Twitter Feed #TransHealth2015”