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Mina Bekheet

Mina Bekheet

Minas Salib

Minas Salib

“Realizing that the most important piece of the puzzle is you, us, the human capital, a highly trained and very well-connected human capital, a young generation of bio-entrepreneurs that is capable of thinking both science and entrepreneurship, we are supporting the launch of The Science Innovation Union, the first of its kind not-for-profit training and networking translational platform led by scientists and entrepreneurs.

Alongside several other colleagues and global leading figures, will be dedicating our time to help establishing the union’s strategy, passing on our expertise and supporting its activities together with the SIU’s elected executive team and its divisional teams that will form seeds for transferring that mission to their local academic and ecosystems.

This union will not just be about entrepreneurship and ventures, but it will expand its activities to cover all aspects of translation in science via its networking, consulting, educational and editorial activities, all free of charge. This will form the perfect scaffold for establishing a products-oriented culture and a brilliant feeder for a highly trained generation of translational scientists, maintaining the current of the mission even beyond our time here.

This network will act towards connecting the dots among the scientific hotspots in Europe and beyond, and that can help raising the bar against the global benchmark and boost the performance of the ecosystem.”

Founder and Chairman
 Mina Bekheet, Oxford, March 2016


“The Science Innovation Union has been promoting entrepreneurship, inspiring innovation and impacting solution to bridge the gap between industry and academia since 2016. Form the early start a couple of years ago, our main aim has been to provide a global platform to connect and engage academics and young professionals. In particular, through our edi­torial arm, we aim to give everyone with an idea, vision, story, exciting results or experience in a specific scientific field an opportunity to be heard. Everyone across the globe can benefit from that inspirational voice. Since 2016, more than 130 articles have been published through our editorial blog, written and edited by voluntary academics across our divisions. This first edition embodies our SIU values and has come to fruition via teamwork, collaboration and creativity in our community. The knowledge we share and provide is free to access by anyone, anytime and anywhere. I want to thank all authors and the entire editorial team for allowing this unique platform to exist.

We are committed to inspiring entrepreneurship in young scientists from diverse backgrounds through the provision of a first-of-its-kind, globally interconnected networking, communications, and training platform. This is a platform where people with scientific backgrounds who are working in academia, industry, and government can converge to discuss key trends, questions, and concerns in scientific innovation.

Through this platform, we aim to 1) open the eyes of our audience to the pulse of current and future scientific innovation, 2) help bridge the knowledge-translation gap in science, and 3) disrupt the traditional focus on academia during the provision of early-career research support, resources, and training for scientists. Four operational arms support our platform: Events & Networking, Communications, Education, and Editorials. These four arms work together to engage people from disparate disciplines and industries across both private and public sectors in scientific innovation, and we hope that this engagement will help spark those critical pre-venture stage conversations.“

Co-Founder and President
Minas Salib, Oxford, March 2016