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The Science Innovation Union (SIU) is a non-profit organization led by graduates, post-graduates and young professionals. Our core focus is to provide a first of its kind globally interconnected communication, networking and training platform for scientist. We want to inspire innovation and encourage the translation of science into real-world solutions. The Science Innovation Union is a translation-in-science communication and training platform, bridging the gap between academia, industry and government to build a new generation of entrepreneurs.



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Who we are

The Science Innovation Union is a graduate and post-graduate led not-for-profit organisation with a primary focus in translational science, and assisting in bridging the gap between academia and industry. Our translational science scaffold is supported by four arms: Events & Networking, Consulting, Education, and Editorials; an all-inclusive set of training and educational activities engaging scientists and expanding the mind-set to the interface of business, science and entrepreneurship. In combination, these aim to engage people from across a variety of different disciplines, industries and across both the private and public sector in life sciences to spark a conversation at the "pre-venture" stage.

The Four Arms


SIU organises high-quality professional events, providing holistic views from the top speakers within academia, industries and government. Networking is always an integral feature.


SIU uses its biotech-orientated focus to provide one of a kind education programmes for future and current bio-entrepreneurs, teaching them the key skills they need to succeed.

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SIU Editorial delivers easily accessible, quality information and updates on the latest technology, developments and events in the biotechnology business world.


SIU Communication provides access to a variety of workshops and tool-kits tailored to a scientific community. Together with our partners we discuss and interactively provide solutions in healthcare and life sciences.

Are you a student, a post-docs, a budding entrepreneur, an innovative academic, an industrial professional or policy maker?

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